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Selection, assessment and reporting

We measure and manage the Global Returns Portfolio like an investment fund. That means you can feel confident in its efficacy.

Our Due Diligence Committee – comprising our Trustees and Technical Advisory Board – oversees the Portfolio's selection process. Our experts set a challenging series of governance and sizing gates for organisations under consideration. They demand a diversity of solutions, activities, beneficiaries and geographies from potential Portfolio Partners.

After passing those initial gates, organisations considered for the Portfolio are rigorously assessed according to impact, scalability, networks and co-benefits.

Once included in the Portfolio, an organisation can be expected to remain for several years. We continue to scrutinise the organisations using the criteria above, and underperforming organisations are replaced.

Our demanding selection methodology has led us to a current core group of six Portfolio Partners.

Fund managers and clients receive detailed reporting on the Portfolio's effectiveness. This reporting centres on our metric for measuring real, identifiable, Global Returns: the Global Returns Rate. Our team calculates the Rate every six months by scoring Portfolio Partners and evaluating the current Portfolio Diversity: another metric measuring the Portfolio’s overall reach.