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In financial strategy, symbiosis is the new sustainability

Welcome to the Global Returns Project.

In the age of the Climate Crisis, we are redefining the way we categorise investments and carbon offsets.

Our innovation is the Global Returns Portfolio: the first portfolio of diverse, effective and scalable not-for-profits tackling climate change, curated by experts. 

We’ve made it easy to embed the Global Returns Portfolio into every asset allocation strategy, sustainable investment fund and corporate sustainability policy. And our charitable status means we work with you at absolutely no cost.

From sustainability to symbiosis


Symbiosis is an interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship.  

In financial planning, embracing symbiosis can involve allocating a small amount annually to climate not-for-profits.  

While supporting not-for-profits does not generate financial returns, it does regenerate the planet beyond the capacity of sustainable investing or carbon offsets. It thereby delivers Global Returns that make traditional investments less risky.  

It creates a symbiotic relationship between the economy and the environment.

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