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Our Resources Centre is where we’ve gathered helpful documents for individuals, advisers, fund managers and businesses. You can also check here for our original publications and for the most interesting articles and reports on the Climate Crisis.

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Understanding the Climate Crisis
IPCC Report: Mitigation of Climate Change

This report details the sources of greenhouse gas emissions, current and future mitigation efforts, and the long-term effects of national climate pledges in tackling the Climate Crisis.

Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

This report collates key findings from the IPCC, looking at the impacts of the Climate Crisis on ecosystems, biodiversity, and human communities at global and regional levels.

The Glasgow Climate Pact, Annotated

The final agreement from COP26 with annotations by The Washington Post offering context and translating UN jargon. 

Net Zero: How We Stop Causing Climate Change

Sir Dieter Helm introduced our recent webinar, Is ESG Greenwash? Learn more about his recent books here.

Cooling the Climate with Plants, Soils and Water (2021)

This UNEP Foresight Brief suggests that plants, soils and water can help mitigate climate change in new ways.

IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (2021)

This Summary for Policymakers provides a high-level summary of the understanding of the current state of the climate.

Whales: Their Future is Our Future (2021)

The continued recovery of whale populations is a significant mitigation strategy to combat climate change. 

Water and Climate Change (2020)

The 2020 World Water Development Report describes the opportunities that improved water management offers in terms of climate adaptation and mitigation.

The Peoples' Climate Vote (2021)

With 1.2 million respondents, the Peoples' Climate Vote is the largest survey of public opinion on climate change ever conducted.

Discourses of Climate Delay (2020)

This article from Cambridge's Global Sustainability journal outlines the common features of climate delay discourses and provides a guide to identifying them.

Online Misinformation About Climate Change (2020)

What is climate change misinformation, who is involved, how does it spread, why does it matter and what can be done about it?


State of Climate Action (2020)

A report on the state of efforts to limit global warming to 1.5 C. Produced by World Resources Institute and ClimateWorks Foundation, with input from Climate Action Tracker.

Generating Lasting Engagement with Climate Solutions (2020)

In their article for OneEarth, Goldberg, Gustafson, and van der Linden investigate the factors that lead to enduring change in people's perspectives on the climate. 

UN Emissions Gap Report (2020)

This report reveals our current global progress towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, focusing on national governments.

Revisiting the Sustainable Development Goals (2016)

Prof. Rockstrom, Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, explains how the environmental goals are a priority for sustainable development.

Understanding the Climate Crisis (2020)

Yan Swiderski, Trustee and Co-Founder of the Global Returns Project, explains how we are currently living in a Climate Crisis.

Yawning at The Apocalypse (2018)

Cameron Brick and Sander van der Linden (2018) on how psychologists can help solve the largest social dilemma in history.

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