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Ashden: Zero carbon schools and sustainable cities

In November 2020, Ashden launched the Let’s Go Zero campaign: a national campaign uniting UK schools to go zero carbon by 2030. By joining the campaign, schools are making a public commitment to take action to reduce their emissions individually, whilst also collectively urging national governments to support this endeavour through finance, policy and regulation.

By March 2021, over 200 schools had already signed up for the campaign.

Meanwhile, Ashden’s Cities team continue to provide local councils with the tools they need to address the climate emergency. Following the success of their Climate Action Co-Benefits Toolkit, Ashden has developed 31 Climate Actions for Councils, informing climate emergency action planning by providing the likely carbon savings, approximate costs and main co-benefits of various regional-scale actions.

Both the toolkit and the 31 Actions are being used by more than 100 councils across the UK today.