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Global Canopy: Making supply chains transparent

Tropical forests are home to more than half of life on earth and offer up to a third of the solution to the climate crisis. And yet agricultural expansion for a handful of commodities - including soy, beef and palm oil - is rapidly destroying them.

This is nowhere clearer than in the fires raging across the Amazon. We are all, in one way or another, connected to this, whether through the products we buy or through our pension funds or investments.

Global Canopy’s data platforms bring a new level of transparency to the supply chains of these high-risk commodities. But the vast flows of capital that finance them each year have for too long remained opaque.

This is why, in partnership with the Stockholm Environment Institute and Neural Alpha, Global Canopy have developed a ground-breaking new tool called Trase Finance. By mapping direct and indirect financial flows connected to deforestation - worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year - it enables investors and lenders to engage meaningfully with companies and reallocate their capital. And it leaves the worst offenders with nowhere to hide.

Trase Finance was formally launched in October 2020.