About Us

The Climate Crisis is huge and it is frightening. What could we, as individuals do about it ? We needed to find a new way to tackle the emergency with action and urgency. We did our research and found that the total amount of savings and investments held by individuals was huge. Even a tiny percentage could make a real difference.  We decided that we would ask people to think about using a very small proportion of their savings to reinvest in not-for-profit climate solutions, to Reinvest in Earth.

We are here because we believe the system for funding climate change solutions needs urgent change. That’s why we started the Global Returns Project – to encourage a new way of thinking and acting on the Climate Crisis.

To raise and spend $10 billion annually to tackle the Climate Crisis.

To make it normal and easy for people with savings and investments to donate regularly to climate change organisations in proportion to their wealth by:

  • identifying and curating effective organisations working in areas where there are no market solutions;
  • providing a simple and effective mechanism that enables individuals to fund them;
  • working with financial institutions to make it easy for people to do so.

To make a real impact on the Climate Crisis for future generations.

A world where the Climate Crisis is resolved.

The Global Returns Project is run by the Climate Crisis Foundation. The Climate Crisis Foundation is a charity registered in England and Wales, no. 1186683, company no. 11882899.