The Global Returns Project is delighted to introduce Solar Sister to our  Global Returns Portfolio of climate charities. From 1 August 2023, any standard donations to the Portfolio will be split equally between the following seven organisations, with no deductions:

  1. Blue Marine Foundation
  2. ClientEarth
  3. Global Canopy
  4. Rainforest Trust UK
  5. Solar Sister
  6. Trillion Trees
  7. Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Solar Sister trains and supports women to deliver clean energy directly to homes in rural Africa, providing essential services and training that enable women entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses in their own communities. Solar Sister gives these women the opportunity to earn an income while eradicating energy poverty.

Their success so far has been remarkable. Since 2010, Solar Sister has recruited, trained and supported more than 9,500 women entrepreneurs who have gone on to mitigate more than 1.3 million tonnes of CO2e, impacting the lives of more than 4.3 million beneficiaries across Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya.

The Global Returns Project’s Due Diligence Committee (DDC) has decided that Solar Sister delivers the highest overall impact within our Portfolio’s ‘last-mile clean energy not-for-profits in the Global South’ key intervention area.

As a result, Solar Sister will replace the organisation Ashden within the Global Returns Portfolio. We are incredibly grateful for Ashden’s important work and for the inspiring successes they have delivered during their time in our Portfolio.

Solar Sister’s Chief Operating Officer, Olasimbo Sojinrin, said: “With over 9,500 Women Entrepreneurs spearheading a green revolution in sub-Saharan Africa, Solar Sister is thrilled to announce our partnership with the Global Returns Project.  This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our shared mission to create positive change and empower individuals across the globe.”

“Together,” Sojinrin concluded, “we are creating a more just, equitable, and sustainable future for us all.”