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Beyond sustainability

The Climate Crisis demands innovation. Sustainability is only the first step.  

It’s time for a true breakthrough.

We’ve made it easy for investors, fund managers and businesses to embrace a symbiotic approach to financial planning.

Symbiosis is the new sustainability.

In wealth management, embracing symbiosis can involve pairing sustainable investing with a small annual allocation to climate not-for-profits.  

In fund management, embracing symbiosis can involve embedding a small annual allocation to climate not-for-profits within the fee structure or revenue of a sustainable fund.

In business management, embracing symbiosis can involve allocating a small amount to climate not-for-profits annually, alongside an existing sustainability strategy.

Sustainability ignores regenerative solutions

Sustainable investing cannot sue polluters. Offsets cannot defend carbon-sequestering whales. Effective government intervention can do almost anything. But governments aren’t offering anything close to effective climate action. 

Not-for-profit organisations deliver critical climate solutions that markets and governments ignore.

At the Global Returns Project, we call climate not-for-profits ‘regenerative investments’. While not-for-profits do not generate wealth, they do regenerate the planet and thereby protect wealth. So while they do not deliver financial returns, they do deliver Global Returns: the enhancement and protection of the biosphere.

They create a symbiotic relationship between the economy and the environment.

In a few years’ time, every investor, fund manager and business will have moved from sustainability to symbiosis. Today, you can stay ahead of the curve.