Beyond sustainability

Sustainability is only the first step. It’s time to directly regenerate the biosphere.


Too often, sustainable investing and corporate sustainability policies only minimise environmental harm.

Truly regenerative finance enhances and protects the biosphere by empowering not-for-profit climate organisations. At the Global Returns Project, we’ve made it easy to empower these organisations through any financial strategy.

Regenerating the planet isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s a rational financial decision. All financial activity is less risky when we enhance and protect the biosphere.

True Regenerators

Sustainable investing cannot sue polluters. Offsets cannot defend ocean ecosystems.

Effective government intervention can do almost anything. But around the world, not a single government’s policies are compatible with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C goal. Governments aren’t offering anything close to effective climate action.

Not-for-profit organisations are the true regenerators. They deliver critical climate solutions that markets, businesses and governments ignore. They take on tough fights, and they’re winning right now.


Our Global Returns Portfolio is the first selection of diverse, effective and scalable not-for-profits tackling climate change. Curated by experts like an investment fund, the Portfolio is easy to embed into any asset allocation strategy, investment fund or corporate social responsibility policy.

Regenerative investing means contributing annually to the Global Returns Portfolio within your normal asset allocation strategy. Regenerative wealth management means offering the Global Returns Portfolio to financial planning clients.


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financial advisers

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Regenerative asset management means embedding a contribution to the Global Returns Portfolio into the fee structure of a fund.

fund managers

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Regenerative business means contributing annually to the Global Returns Portfolio as a corporate entity – often as a complement or alternative to carbon offsetting.


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