Trillion Trees partner WCS has been working in Papua New Guinea since the 1970s to protect wildlife and their habitats, while supporting sustainable livelihoods.

With support from WCS, clans from Kwiop, in Jiwaka Province, have signed a government-recognised conservation deed to create the largest community-managed area of the Bismarck Forest Corridor, allowing them to regulate natural resource use in the new conservation area, and actively restore abandoned gardens to native forests.

WCS has led two site visits over the last six months, securing Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) with five clans. Together they have built four nurseries to serve as seedling supply. One main nursery was built that can house up to 15,000 seedlings, with three satellite nurseries holding up to 3000 seedlings, and, all told, WCS is actively working to restore up to 1000 hectares of degraded community lands to bring back natural forest, protect water courses and restore soil quality.

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