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Move from sustainability to symbiosis today by allocating to the Global Returns Portfolio. Whether you’re an individual or an institution, you decide how much to allocate. Most individuals start with an allocation of 0.25% of savings and investments annually.

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At the Global Returns Project, we call climate not-for-profits ‘regenerative investments’. While not-for-profits do not generate wealth, they do regenerate the planet and thereby protect wealth. So while they do not deliver financial returns, they do deliver Global Returns: the enhancement and protection of the biosphere. 

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Contribute to the Global Returns Portfolio today: 

The Portfolio is run by the Global Returns Project (a not-for-profit registered with the Charity Commission, number 1186683). Any amount paid into the Portfolio by UK taxpayers is therefore eligible for Gift Aid and highly tax efficient.

100% of each payment is directed by the Global Returns Project to the Portfolio's not-for-profit Portfolio Partners. 

Amounts paid to the Global Returns Portfolio are legally donations, and you will not get your money back.