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Global Returns Project Glossary:

(Terms listed alphabetically)

What is the Climate and Nature Crisis?

The interconnected emergencies of climate change and global biodiversity loss.

What is Fund Diversity?

An innovative metric for measuring the overall reach of the Global Returns Fund. Fund Diversity is the percentage of the most important not-for-profit climate and nature interventions in which our Portfolio Partners engage.

What are Global Returns?

The protection and enhancement of the biosphere. Global Returns allow a sustainable portfolio to continue delivering consistent medium and long-term financial returns.

What is the Global Returns Fund?

A portfolio of the most effective not-for-profits tackling the Climate and Nature Crisis, selected and monitored by the Global Returns Project.

What is the Global Returns Project?

The UK Registered Charity that manages the Global Returns Fund. Charitable status means that allocations to the Global Returns Fund by UK taxpayers are eligible for Gift Aid and highly tax efficient. The Global Returns Project charges no fees to investors or advisers and takes 0% of allocations to the Global Returns Fund.

What is the Global Returns Rate?

An innovative metric for measuring the Global Returns Fund's real, identifiable and Global Returns. It is calculated every six months according to the impact, scalability, networks and co-benefits of the Fund's Portfolio Partners. The Fund Diversity is also incorporated into the Global Returns Rate.

What is Old-Fashioned Wealth Management?

Investing without a sustainable portfolio or an allocation to climate and nature not-for-profits. It harms the planet, threatening consistent medium and long-term financial returns.

What are Portfolio Partners?

The not-for-profits within the Global Returns Fund. They are among the most effective non-market initiatives tackling the Climate and Nature Crisis.

What is Regenerative Investment?

Support for not-for-profits tackling the Climate and Nature Crisis. While Regenerative Investment does not yield financial returns, it does yield real, identifiable and Global Returns by regenerating the planet and thereby protecting wealth.

What is Sustainable Wealth Management?

Sustainable investing without an allocation to climate and nature not-for-profits. It minimises adverse effects but ignores the not-for-profits which regenerate the planet and thereby protect wealth.

What is Sustainable Investment?

Investing in funds which minimise adverse effects on the planet by considering environmental, social or governance (ESG) factors.

What is a Symbiotic Investor?

An investor who has allocated to the Global Returns Fund, thereby adopting Symbiotic Wealth Management.

What is Symbiotic Wealth Management?

A small allocation to not-for-profits tackling the Climate and Nature Crisis (Regenerative Investment) alongside an allocation to a sustainable portfolio (Sustainable Investment). In its simplest form, Symbiotic Wealth Management means allocating a tiny amount to the Global Returns Fund alongside your existing investments.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

What is 0.25% of my savings and investments?

This is for you to work out – we will never get any information about your savings and investments.

What counts as savings and investments?

“Savings” comprise cash and bank balances.

“Investments” are other stores of value that may or may not generate income. They include stocks and shares, bonds, funds, commodities and investment properties.

Some people also include the value of their pensions in their calculation of total savings and investments, although some do not. Most people exclude their home. It is entirely up to you how you calculate the final number.

Can I give more than 0.25%?

Yes, of course!

Will the Global Returns Project have access to my personal financial information?

The Global Returns Project will at no point have access to your personal financial information.

How often will you keep in touch?

We send out a fortnightly newsletter full of climate change insights and updates on our work, and the rare email on top of that for extra special news.

We will only communicate with you if you opt in to hearing from us, and you won’t be added to our mailing list if you do not. You can unsubscribe at any time.

We will endeavour to only send out content that is interesting and informative. See our privacy policy for more details on how your data will be used.

How is the Global Returns Project linked to the Climate Crisis Foundation?

The Global Returns Project Project was started and is managed by the Climate Crisis Foundation, a charity registered in England and Wales, charity number 1186683.

How is the Climate Crisis Foundation funded?

The Climate Crisis Foundation is currently funded by its Trustees and a number of charitable trusts, foundations and individual donors. This enables us to ensure that 100% of allocations to the Global Returns Fund go directly to our Portfolio Partners. If you are interested in supporting the Climate Crisis Foundation, please get in touch.

Still can’t find the answer?

Drop us an email and we’ll do our best to help.