Connect your clients with the world’s most impactful climate philanthropy.


Clients increasingly want to do something meaningful about climate change. But while sustainable investing is vital, its impact is limited. No investment product exists for directly regenerating the planet.

Meanwhile, philanthropy has a critical role to play in tackling climate change. But less than 2% of global philanthropic giving goes to climate mitigation efforts.

Help us build a bridge between these issues. Tackle two challenges with one innovative solution.


The Global Returns Portfolio is the first selection of effective and scalable philanthropic organisations tackling climate change.

Our ‘fund management’ approach to philanthropy means we embrace diversification, rigorous selection research and regular performance reporting. Our team of world-class climate scientists oversees the Portfolio’s selection and assessment.

Financial advisers offer the Global Returns Portfolio as a philanthropic option for clients. The Global Returns Project (UK charity no. 1186683) runs the Portfolio. We charge no fees to participating advisers and take no deductions from client donations to the Portfolio.


1. Advisers incorporate information about the Global Returns Portfolio into regular client correspondence (onboarding materials, annual reports etc). Interested clients are directed to the Global Returns Project website for more information.

2. Clients set up a regular donation on our ‘contribute’ webpage, selecting their financial adviser from a dropdown menu during the donation process. Most individuals start with a donation of 0.25% of savings and investments annually.

3. 100% of every donation goes to the Global Returns Portfolio’s constituent not-for-profits. Clients and advisers are sent detailed six-monthly Impact Reports.


The opportunity to accept the limitations of investing in [clients’] traditional / sustainable portfolios – retaining their existing investment strategies whilst incorporating the truly beneficial and tangible returns of the Global Returns Portfolio – perfectly aligns to their desired outcomes both financially and philanthropically.

Anthony Bruchez Financial Planner, Leading Edge Wealth Planning

With our clients increasingly asking what more they can do to further the impact of their savings in support of future generations, we are delighted to have partnered with the Global Returns Project.

Nick Stoop Founder, Pangea Impact Investments

When I discovered Global Returns Project and its fund management approach to not-for-profit support, this not only made perfect sense but is effective and supported by the real-world positive impact that they are having across the globe.

Roland Oliver CEO, Nvirovest


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