Connect your firm or investment funds with the world’s most impactful climate philanthropy.


Investors want to do something meaningful about climate change. But funds with a genuine commitment to sustainability often get lost in the crowd. And fund managers have limited options for investments that directly regenerate the planet – and thereby differentiate their products.

Meanwhile, philanthropy has a critical role to play in tackling climate change. But less than 2% of global philanthropic giving goes to climate mitigation efforts.

Help us build a bridge between these issues. Tackle two challenges with one innovative solution.


The Global Returns Portfolio is the first selection of effective and scalable philanthropic organisations tackling climate change.

Our ‘fund management’ approach to philanthropy means we embrace diversification, rigorous selection research and regular performance reporting. Our team of world-class climate scientists oversees the Portfolio’s selection and assessment.

Fund managers donate to the Global Returns Portfolio as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) action or donate regularly from the management fee of a specific product. The Global Returns Project (UK charity no. 1186683) runs the Portfolio. We charge no fees to participating fund managers and take no deductions from donations to the Portfolio.


1. Firm donates a portion of the management fee of an investment product to our Portfolio.

2. Firm donates to our Portfolio as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) action.

3. Firm donates to our Portfolio as a complement to an annual purchase of carbon offsets, or as an alternative. In your annual accounting of emissions, you can use an objective price as set by the regulated carbon credit market as a guide for determining an annual contribution to the Global Returns Portfolio.



Underpinning our approach is our principle that we would rather be part of a fundamental solution to the climate crisis than just offset our ongoing activity […] We are interested in constructing an authentic, tailored and innovative solution to the problem rather than just following the herd or ticking a box.

Anonymous UK Fund Manager

Contributing to the Global Returns Portfolio helps us differentiate our Environmental Solutions Fund. This Portfolio allows us to support a diverse range of high impact climate solutions. We’re proud to partner with the Global Returns Project.

Harry Thomas Portfolio Manager, TT International

We believe the Global Returns Project are aiming to fulfil a crucial gap in addressing climate change; which is centred around bringing non-market solutions and market participants together.

Emrah Kagitcibasi Partner, Sarus Select Capital

Alexa Capital donates as a firm.

TT International donates a portion of management fee from its Environmental Solutions Fund.

Sarus Select Capital has pledged to donate 5% of the generated carry on all future venture capital deals.

An anonymous UK fund manager donates annually as an alternative to purchasing carbon offsets.


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