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How it works

The Global Returns Project empowers individuals to Reinvest in Earth: commit a tiny proportion (we suggest 0.25%) of savings and investments annually to the most effective not-for-profit climate initiatives. Just 5,000 initial Reinvestors could show financial institutions how to encourage similar commitments from their clients. With those institutions on board, we can power climate solutions at incredible scale. 

Why me?

You probably ask yourself, "What can I do about the Climate Crisis?" The Global Returns Project gives you the chance to make a difference-independent of governments and businesses.

Why donate?

Independent research shows that donating to climate charities is the most effective personal action an individual can take to tackle the Climate Crisis. 

Why not-for-profits?

Markets alone cannot solve the Climate Crisis. No market mechanism exists for suing polluters, protecting rainforests or providing clean energy to the billion people without it. We must power not-for-profits even as we promote initiatives like ESG investing. 

And which ones?

We use a bespoke methodology to identify the most effective not-for-profit climate solutions. Learn more here

Watch our TEDx Talk

Looking for a short video introduction to the Global Returns Project? Check out the TEDx talk that our co-founder Yan Swiderski gave in October 2020 in conjunction with the TED Countdown initiative. 

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Reinvest in Earth

Reinvesting in Earth is the most powerful way to support this campaign. It’s also your chance to lead financial institutions by example and help us fund climate solutions at incredible scale.

To Reinvest in Earth, you commit a tiny proportion (we suggest 0.25%) of your savings and investments every year to funding the most effective not-for-profit climate solutions. 

When financial institutions make Reinvesting in Earth normal and easy for everyone, just 3% of individuals with savings and investments could raise $10 billion every year as Reinvestors.

  • How you calculate your savings and investments is entirely up to you.
  • Becoming a Reinvestor is not legally binding. We rely on your good will.
  • 100% of your funds go to your selected charities.

Join the Project

Joining the Global Returns Project is the easiest way to support this campaign. 

By signing up as a supporter, you add your voice to the growing call for serious change in the way we fund climate solutions. Your support builds momentum for this movement and helps catch the attention of financial institutions. You can make a difference right away.

Searching for updates on all things climate, finance, and the campaign? Look no further. Joining the Project also gives you access to the Project's fortnightly newsletter.