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How it works

The Climate Crisis cannot be solved by markets alone. There is no market mechanism for suing the polluters, protecting the rainforests, or providing clean energy to the billion people who have none.

We know that people are asking themselves “What can I do about it?”. The Global Returns Project enables individuals to make a difference by acting swiftly, independent of governments and businesses.

Independent research shows that donating to climate charities is the most effective personal action someone can take to tackle the Climate Crisis. The returns are real, identifiable and global.

By being one of the first 5,000 to Reinvest in Earth you will trigger a much bigger change. You will help us to persuade the financial service sector that people want to do this and that they must make it easy for everyone. This is how we will reach $10 billion a year.

Reinvest in Earth

When you Reinvest in Earth you make a commitment of at least 0.25% (a quarter of one percent) of your savings and investments every year to fund effective climate change solutions.

You will also be helping to change the system to make it easy for others to follow you.

  • Our in-depth research has identified the best not-for-profit climate solutions.
  • It is entirely up to you how you calculate this amount. You can review and adjust this amount each year in the context of your financial situation. The commitment is not legally binding and we rely on your good will.
  • You choose which charities you would like to donate to and 100% goes straight to them with no deductions.
  • You receive regular impact reports and updates on our campaign.

Join the Project

If you're not ready to Reinvest in Earth, but still support what we are doing, you can Join the Project by adding your name to the public list of people who support our campaign.

You will also get regular updates on our campaign.

The financial system belongs to us and we can change the way it works for the benefit of the planet and future generations.