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The Global Returns Rate

Our innovative metric for measuring the Global Returns Fund's real, identifiable Global Returns

The Global Returns Rate is the most rigorous way of evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the Global Returns Fund. We calculate the Rate every six months using our carefully researched scoring matrix – developed and approved alongside our expert Technical Advisory Board.

Our experts score each Portfolio Partner in four key areas: 

1. Impact 
2. Scalability
3. Networks
4. Co-Benefits

The overall reach of the Fund is also measured through its Fund Diversity.

Global Returns Points

How effective have your allocations to the Global Returns Fund been? Look to your Global Returns Points.

How do they work?

Every allocation to the Global Returns Fund earns you Global Returns Points: an easy way to understand the effectiveness of your contributions.

Global Returns Points also give you access to special events and materials from the Global Returns Project.

The Points earned from an allocation depend on:

1. The size of your allocation
2. The Global Returns Rate at the time of your allocation.


Occasionally, a portfolio partner will make a significant extra impact on atmospheric carbon dioxide levels through a new, innovative or ground-breaking initiative. These events, or breakthroughs, are separately recognised over and above the impact metric.

Therefore, when a portfolio partner makes a breakthrough, bonus Global Returns Points will be awarded to anyone who has allocated to the Global Returns Fund over that six-month period.