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How we select the best not-for-profit climate solutions

The goal of our selection method is to identify organizations that: 

  • are the most effective in key sectors of climate change mitigation
  • have scalable operations
  • have strong governance
  • address problems that have no realistic market solutions

All organizations we look at have to undergo a detailed review by our Due Diligence Panel. Our evaluation process builds on several existing and well-respected methodologies.

The long list of organizations is established through a combination of desk-based research and recommendations from our network.

Organizations are then screened for a range of factors including governance, financial stability, scalability, innovation, and, very importantly, impact.

Organizations that pass the screening test are required to submit a detailed Due Diligence Questionnaire and provide financial and other information. This process, together with interviews with our staff and Trustees, results in each organization being given a final “score” using a multi-factor scale.

Successful candidates are then presented to the Due Diligence Panel for approval. Charity partners also must sign a Grant Making Agreement in accordance with our Grant Making Policy before final inclusion. Only the highest scoring charities are added to our portfolio as Climate Solutions.

For more information about our methodology, please contact [email protected]

The Best Climate Solutions