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Work with us to raise
$10 billion every year
to tackle the Climate Crisis.

Concerned about the Climate Crisis? Frustrated that you can't do anything meaningful about it? 

You've come to the right place.

We have a simple plan to fund today's most effective climate solutions. And it starts right here with you.

If you have savings or investments, you can make a difference. 

Financial institutions could give everyone the opportunity to make regular, proportional climate commitments. If you show them how it's done, those institutions can allow clients like you to power climate initiatives at incredible scale. Your support could mean the difference between serious change and the status quo. 

We are on the brink of a breakthrough.

Financial institutions want to tackle the Climate Crisis—and they have almost everything they need to do so. They know the climate can’t be ignored, and they know they can create solutions. Finance is ready.

Investment itself is evolving. As not-for-profit climate initiatives improve our oceans, forests and atmosphere, they redefine “returns” for their funders. They yield real and global returns. Savers and investors are ready.

And as we adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have discovered our ability to throw the ordinary out the window. We know that we can change the way we do things—and change it fast. We are ready.


Real change is within reach.

It's time to tip the scales.

We're asking you to support this campaign:

Join the Project

Join the Global Returns Project today and add your voice to the growing call for serious change in the way we fund climate solutions. You can make a difference right away. And as a supporter, you will receive regular updates on issues of climate, finance, and the campaign. We plant one tree every time someone Joins the Project.

Join the Project

Reinvest in Earth

That normal and easy commitment to climate solutions? We call it Reinvesting in Earth: committing a tiny proportion (we suggest 0.25%) of your savings and investments every year to not-for-profit climate initiatives. Here's your chance to lead by example. As one of our first 5,000 Reinvestors, you will show financial institutions how to encourage similar commitments from clients like you. With those institutions on board, just 3% of individuals with savings and investments could raise $10 billion every year as Reinvestors. 

Reinvest in Earth

Together, we can fund climate solutions at incredible scale. It's time to act. 



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