Do something meaningful about climate change with a truly regenerative complement to any asset allocation strategy.


As investors, we’re all increasingly asking ourselves the same question: What can we do about the Climate Crisis?

We know that tackling climate change is the right thing to do. More and more, we also understand that it’s a rational investment strategy. All companies rely, either directly or indirectly, on a stable and healthy biosphere.

But investors lack an essential tool for tackling climate change. No investment product exists for directly regenerating the biosphere on which all investments depend.

The Global Returns Portfolio is the first selection of diverse, effective and scalable not-for-profits directly regenerating the biosphere. Our world-class climate scientists help curate the Portfolio like a fund, allowing individuals to contribute annually as a part of their normal asset allocation strategy.


Sustainable investing is vital. But avoiding greenwash among sustainable funds remains a challenge even for the most conscientious investors.

Sustainable investing also faces fundamental limitations in its ability to regenerate the biosphere.

Even the most effective sustainable investing cannot sue polluters, protect rainforests or defend precious marine ecosystems. It cannot deliver systemic solutions like advocacy and policy work.

True regenerators – like the not-for-profits in the Global Returns Portfolio – do not have these limitations. By regenerating the biosphere beyond sustainable investing, they help make all our investments less risky.


Become a truly regenerative investor by making your annual contribution to the Global Returns Portfolio today.

The Portfolio is run by the Global Returns Project: a UK registered charity (number 1186683). We direct 100% of contributions to the not-for-profits comprising the Portfolio, with no deductions. Our operating costs are funded separately by our Trustees and a number of charitable trusts, foundations and individual donors.

Individuals who make an annual contribution to the Portfolio receive detailed six-monthly impact reports, along with their advisers. Calculating an annual contribution to the Portfolio is entirely up to you. Most participants start at an annual contribution of 0.25% of savings and investments.

Contributions made by UK taxpayers may be eligible for Gift Aid and tax deductible.