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Our Resources Centre is where we’ve gathered some of the most interesting articles and reports on the Climate Crisis. It's also where we release the Global Returns Project's original reports and publications.

Click Global Returns Project Publications for reports written by or for our campaign.

We’ve split other articles and reports into three categories:

Climate – articles and reports covering the underlying science behind climate change and how we might approach the problem, including the behavioral issues involved.

Innovation – articles and reports on some of the innovations that could impact the Climate Crisis.

Finance – articles and reports on the role of finance in addressing the Climate Crisis and some of the implications for investors.

Understanding the Climate Crisis
Global Sustainable Investment Review (2020)

The GSIA finds that gobal sustainable investment has reached $35.3 trillion: up 15% since 2018.

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

This Deloitte report discusses a series of recent regulations indicating that European regulators will use the finance sector to build and finance a low carbon economy.

Planetary Boundaries: Measuring Business's Environmental Footprint (2020)

Pictet Asset Management has helped devise a way of applying the Planetary Boundaries framework to an investment setting.

Climate & Lifestyle Report (2020)

Founders Pledge reveals that, for most people, giving to climate charities is the most effective personal action they can take to tackle the Climate Crisis.

Navigating the Nuances of Net-Zero Targets (2020)

NewClimate Institute & Data-Driven EnviroLab assess, among other things, the limitations of claiming net-zero emissions through carbon offsetting.

Funding Trends: Climate Change Mitigation Philanthropy (2020)

"ClimateWorks’ latest research reveals that less than 2% of global philanthropic giving is dedicated to climate change mitigation."

Climate Risk and Response (2020)

McKinsey Global Institute examines the socioeconomic impacts of climate risk and offers a set of tools and methodologies for businesses to assess them.

Risks, Opportunities and Society (2020)

Oliver Wyman explores the role of the financial services industry in the transition to a climate-sustainable economy.

Climate Philanthropy (2019)

Rupert Edwards (2019) explores the potential for empowering investors to commit philanthropic donations to tackle the Climate Crisis.

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