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Our Resources Centre is where we’ve gathered some of the most interesting articles and reports on the Climate Crisis. It's also where we release the Global Returns Project's original reports and publications.

Click Global Returns Project Publications for reports written by or for our campaign.

We’ve split other articles and reports into three categories:

Climate – articles and reports covering the underlying science behind climate change and how we might approach the problem, including the behavioral issues involved.

Innovation – articles and reports on some of the innovations that could impact the Climate Crisis.

Finance – articles and reports on the role of finance in addressing the Climate Crisis and some of the implications for investors.

Understanding the Climate Crisis
Impact Report: 2020/21

In just under six months, your support has allowed the Global Returns Project to make amazing progress towards achieving our goals.

The Case for Climate Optimism

In our Earth Day 2021 report, our Advisory Board member Adam Lury articulates a new understanding of social change in the age of the Climate Crisis.

Understanding Climate Change

Professor Joanna Haigh—former Co-Director of the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London and a Global Returns Project Advisory Board member—offers a critical introduction to the Climate Crisis and its consequences.

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