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Reinvest in Earth

To Reinvest in Earth, you make a commitment of at least 0.25% (a quarter of one percent) of your savings and investments every year to fund effective not-for-profit climate change solutions. This is one of the most effective personal actions that an individual can take.

It is entirely up to you how you calculate this amount. You can review and adjust this amount each year in the context of your financial situation. The commitment is not legally binding and we rely on your good will.

If you are already giving money to climate charities, you can count this towards your 0.25% but we do ask that at least some proportion of it is given through the Global Returns Project. 100% of your funds will go to your selected charities.


Because the Climate Crisis is a complex problem requiring multiple solutions, The Global Returns Project is supporting a range of solutions. You can select individual organizations or more simply allocate equally to our selection of charities.


The best climate solutions

Reinvest in Earth