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Trillion Trees: Big win in Colombia

In a momentous win for conservation, Colombia’s Serranía de Chiribiquete has been officially expanded to 10.6 million acres, making it the world’s largest protected tropical rain forest national park. It was also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in recognition of its “outstanding universal value” for nature and people.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos first announced the expansion of the park by 3.7 million acres in February 2020, marking the culmination of decades of joint conservation efforts by environmental organizations, including WWF, and the Colombian government.

Located in the heart of the Colombian Amazon, Serranía de Chiribiquete park is a vibrant, biodiverse hotspot that has one of the highest rates of plant diversity in the northern Amazon and is home to thousands of endangered species.

In addition to its unique biodiversity, the protected area is culturally significant for indigenous communities and contains one of the oldest, largest, and densest archaeological pictographic complexes in the Americas.