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Trillion Trees: Boosting restoration work in Madagascar’s Makira Natural Park

The Makira Natural Park in Madagascar, a land of astounding endemic biodiversity, is the country’s largest remaining intact humid rainforest, yet remains under threat from deforestation.

Since 2012, Trillion Trees partner WCS has helped reduce deforestation and has begun the work of re-planting trees in areas previously de-forested.  WCS works with 75 community groups and with Madagascar’s Forestry Administration to create community tree nurseries, reforest community areas and help set up sustainable agroforestry including support for cocoa, clove and vanilla plantations.

In 2020 alone, nearly 341,000 seedlings were transplanted across five forest corridors in Makira Natural Park, and in neighbouring Masoala National Park, over 15,000 seedlings were transplanted and 250,000 previously planted seedlings were protected.

In 2021, a significant grant from the ReForest Fund will help increase the scale of this effort to protect and restore one of Madagascar’s most biodiverse and important forest landscapes.