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Symbiotic Wealth Management

A breakthrough in wealth management. Made possible by the Global Returns Fund.

Imagine an innovation in the way we categorise investments. Imagine a new kind of fund delivering a new class of returns.

Regenerative Investments are the new, critical complement to any Sustainable Investment portfolio.

In our cities, these are the organisations cleaning the air and greening our streets. In the summer they keep things cool, and in winter they warm our homes with remarkable renewable tech.

Or consider something more scenic. These are the organisations defending ancient forests, digging hands deep into the earth and leaving the seeds of future forests behind. They protect the most precious pockets of our world: underwater or in court or at the very heart of the Amazon. They take on tough fights, and they win.

In short, these investments deliver returns.

Or more specifically, Regenerative Investments deliver Global Returns: the regenerative solutions that have always eluded sustainable investments on their own.

And Global Returns aren’t just good for our cities and summers and future forests.

By regenerating our planet, Global Returns protect our wealth and make all our investments less risky.

Global Returns might seem immeasurable. But that’s where we come in.

Our experts have identified today’s best organisations delivering Global Returns. Using the most rigorous possible investment mindset, they have – for the first time – assembled these powerful organisations into a measurable, manageable fund. We call it the Global Returns Fund.

And the Global Returns Fund unlocks something unprecedented. It allows you to easily pair your sustainable investments with the most effective Regenerative Investments. Doing so creates a symbiotic relationship between the economy and the environment – your investments protect the planet, and the planet protects your investments.

This is Symbiotic Wealth Management.

In a few years' time, every investor will be a Symbiotic Investor. Today, you can stay ahead of the curve.

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