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The Global Returns Portfolio

An easy path from sustainability to symbiosis


The Global Returns Portfolio is a portfolio comprising a selection of the most effective not-for-profits tackling the Climate Crisis.

The Goal

Generating identifiable, non-financial Global Returns that enhance and protect the biosphere. 

The benefits

Enhancing and protecting the biosphere makes all investments less risky. For businesses, enhancing and protecting the biosphere is key to competitive advantage. While the Global Returns Portfolio is not an investment fund, it deploys investment fund logic to measure and manage some of the most effective not-for-profits tackling the Climate Crisis. 


An annual contribution to the Portfolio will produce non-financial Global Returns by enhancing and protecting the biosphere. Individuals and institutions that contribute also receive detailed six-monthly reports with information about their annual contribution's impact. 


Tax efficiency

The Portfolio is run by the Global Returns Project (a not-for-profit registered with the Charity Commission, number 1186683). Contributions by UK taxpayers and limited companies in the UK may be tax efficient.


Total expense ratio: zero

100% of each annual contribution is directed by the Global Returns Project to the Portfolio's not-for-profit Portfolio Partners. The Global Returns Project’s operating costs are funded separately by its Trustees and a number of charitable trusts, foundations and individual donors.

The Portfolio addresses three of the four fundamental UN Sustainable Development Goals: Climate Action, Life Below Water and Life on Land.