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The Global Returns Fund

A simple path to Symbiotic Wealth Management


The Global Returns Fund is a portfolio comprising a selection of the most effective not-for-profits tackling the Climate and Nature Crisis.

These not-for-profits provide the regenerative solutions that have always eluded sustainable investments on their own. They provide Global Returns.

Using the most rigorous possible investment mindset, our experts have– for the first time – assembled these powerful organisations into a measurable, manageable fund.

At its simplest, Symbiotic Wealth Management means allocating to that fund alongside your normal investments.

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Your allocation will produce non-financial Global Returns by protecting and enhancing the biosphere. You will also receive detailed six-monthly reports with information about your allocation's impact.


Tax Efficiency:

The Fund is run by the Global Returns Project  (a UK Registered Charity). Any allocations made by UK taxpayers are therefore eligible for Gift Aid and highly tax efficient.


Total Expense Ratio: Zero

100% of each allocation is directed by the Global Returns Project to the Fund’s not-for-profit Portfolio Partners. The Global Returns Project's operating costs are funded separately.

How does it work?

100% of any allocation to the Global Returns Fund goes to its portfolio partners. Any allocations made by UK taxpayers are eligible for Gift Aid and are therefore highly tax efficient.

I’m an individual: 

  • You can allocate to the Global Returns Fund today, on our website.
  • You decide how much to allocate. Most participating investors start with an allocation of 0.25% of savings and investments annually.

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I’m a financial adviser: 

  • We're here to help – and as a charity, we'll collaborate with you at absolutely no cost.
  • Get in touch to get started.

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