Trillion Trees initiative (WWF UK)

The Trillion Trees initiative will ensure one trillion trees have been re-grown, saved from loss, and better protected around the world by 2050. It is a joint venture between WWF, BirdLife International and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

The Trillion Trees initiative is a joint venture of three of the world’s largest conservation organisations aiming to restore dwindling tree populations across the world to protect both people and the planet. The shared vision of this coalition is for a trillion trees to be planted and better protected by 2050.

In collaboration with BirdLife International and the Wildlife Conservation Society, WWF uses their decades of experience in fighting deforestation and restoring forests to work towards this goal. WWF is also one of the world’s leading conservation organisations, and they use this position to support clean energy development and climate policy advocacy all around the world. Donations made to WWF through our link will be exclusively directed towards the Trillion Trees initiative.

The Global Returns Project is run by the Climate Crisis Foundation. The Climate Crisis Foundation is a charity registered in England and Wales, no. 1186683, company no. 11882899.