Work with us to raise $10 billion every year to tackle the Climate Crisis

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Concerned about the Climate Crisis, but frustrated that you can’t do something meaningful about it? 

Well you’ve come to the right place.

As an individual, you want to make change happen, but you also want to see systems change and that seems impossible?  You worry that it can’t be done? 

It can here, it can with us.

We are using the collective power of people like you to get the financial services industry to make it easy for people to apply a tiny amount of their savings and investments to addressing climate change.

You can make a difference. We will make a difference.

Join the Project by adding your details below. We all want our participation to be easy and we want to be confident that others are doing the same thing. By Joining the Project, you will help us to persuade the financial services industry to enable individuals to participate. Research shows that the great majority of us want our money to do good.

We are starting a movement to Reinvest in Earth where people give just a tiny fraction- ¼ % – of savings annually towards tackling the Climate Crisis.


What’s the point? Think about this: if 3 in a hundred people like you, like us, across the globe allocated ¼% of their financial assets annually, that would equate to $10 billion raised for the world’s best not-for-profit climate solutions – every year! Now, that is meaningful. That is something to be proud of.

There is no better time to do this. The Covid-19 pandemic is a tragedy but it has shown us that we are all connected on one planet. It has demonstrated the dangers of not listening to scientists. It has also given us a glimpse of a world with less noise and pollution, one where people help each other and work together to solve big problems.

Let’s seize this moment – It’s time to think differently about the role of our savings and investments. A small proportion could be used to create Global Returns for the benefit of future generations and the planet. We just need to make it easy to do something.

It’s time to actWhen you Reinvest in Earth, the returns are real and identifiable; this is a gift to ourselves and to the world as well as an investment. The financial system belongs to us and we can change the way it works for the benefit of the planet and future generations;  we will make Reinvesting in Earth part of our new normal.

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With a global pandemic and half the world in lockdown it’s easy to forget about the Climate Crisis. Climate change has not stopped and nor have we. We will soon be launching the Global Returns Project. If you like the sound of what we’re doing please sign up below and we will keep you informed over the next few months.

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