A proprietary Methodology

Our team of world-class climate scientists helps oversee charity selection and assessment

The technical advisory board

These scientists oversee selection and assessment alongside our Trustees. They are leading experts on the atmosphere, the biosphere, land use, oceans and more.

Prof Joanna Haigh CBE (Chair)

Prof Yadvinder Malhi CBE

Dr Mamta Mehra

Prof Rosalind Rickaby

We do the hard work

  • We’ve screened over 20,000 charities for strong governance.  
  • We screen these charities by annual revenue, years in operation, charitable status, and more. 
  • We’ve scored hundreds of the best charities by impact, scalability, networks and co-benefits 
  • We perform further due diligence on operations, financial statements, governance documents, etc. 
  • We’ve admitted the highest scoring charities in six sectors to our Portfolio. 
  • We produce detailed Impact Reports.
  • We re-score our Portfolio every six months.  
  • We replace organisations if we find stronger-performing charities.