FT Adviser  has published an article on how the Global Returns Project is helping make the difference in this ‘decisive decade’ for climate action.

Anita Boniface quotes a range of representatives of GRP, its Technical Advisory Board, and its portfolio charities.

Outlining the many reasons why action on climate is not happening fast enough, Anita quotes GRP co-founder Yan  Swiderski who says “Governments, for example, will be too slow to deliver solutions. Climate technologies will be too slow to scale up and become mainstream in six years. Sustainable investing can act quickly, but the scale of its impact remains hindered by the ongoing challenge of ‘greenwash’”.

She goes on to explain how GRP is using its science-backed methodology to select best-in-class charities taking effecting climate action, and so “removing as much friction as possible from the process of taking effective climate action through charitable giving”.

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