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We’re working for a world where every financial strategy regenerates the biosphere. And we’re already making remarkable progress.

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Raised for the global returns portfolio

The regenerative future of finance

The Global Returns Project is about more than effective philanthropy. We’re treating not-for-profits that directly regenerate the biosphere as a new form of non-financial ‘asset class’. Doing so makes it easy to embed these regenerative solutions into every financial strategy. It makes it possible to change the definition of ‘normal business’ for wealth management, asset management and corporates.

We’re working to embed our Global Returns Portfolio into every asset allocation strategy, every investment fund and every corporate social responsibility policy. Below, read more about the institutions that are already embracing the regenerative future of finance.


The opportunity to accept the limitations of investing in [clients’] traditional / sustainable portfolios – retaining their existing investment strategies whilst incorporating the truly beneficial and tangible returns of the Global Returns Portfolio – perfectly aligns to their desired outcomes both financially and philanthropically.

Anthony Bruchez

Financial Planner, Leading Edge Wealth Planning

With our clients increasingly asking what more they can do to further the impact of their savings in support of future generations, we are delighted to have partnered with the Global Returns Project.

Founder, Pangea Impact Investments

Nick Stoop

When I discovered Global Returns Project and its fund management approach to not-for-profit support, this not only made perfect sense but is effective and supported by the real-world positive impact that they are having across the globe.

Roland Oliver

CEO, Nvirovest

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Contributing to the Global Returns Portfolio helps us differentiate our Environmental Solutions Fund. This Portfolio allows us to support a diverse range of high impact climate solutions. We’re proud to partner with the Global Returns Project.

Harry Thomas

Portfolio manager, TT International

We believe the Global Returns Project are aiming to fulfil a crucial gap in addressing climate change; which is centred around bringing non-market solutions and market participants together.

Emrah Kagitcibasi

Partner, Saurus Select Capital

“Not-for-profits can fill the gap where Big Money falls short”

Alexa Capital contributes to the Global Returns Portfolio as a complement to its CSR strategy.

TT International contributes a portion of its Environmental Solutions Fund’s management fee to the Global Returns Portfolio.

Sarus Select Capital contributes 5% of the generated carry on all venture capital deals to the Global Returns Portfolio.


The Global Returns Portfolio allows business to support a selection of varied projects with proven results. The six-monthly impact reports have been a valuable summary for our supporters of the Portfolio.

Tom Ansell

Head of Product, Zellar

Underpinning our approach is our principle that we would rather be part of a fundamental solution to the climate crisis than just offset our ongoing activity. In keeping with the way we run our business […] we are interested in constructing an authentic, tailored and innovative solution to the problem rather than just following the herd or ticking a box.

Investment Fund Manager

Firm contributing to the Global Returns Portfolio

“Investing in hard-to-measure climate solutions”

The UK architecture firm Allies and Morrison contributes to the Global Returns Portfolio as a regenerative complement to their purchase of carbon offsets.

A UK investment fund manager contributes annually to the Global Returns Portfolio as an alternative to purchasing carbon offsets.

Presidio Consulting donates 10% of annual profits to the Global Returns Portfolio.

Zellar is a sustainability platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Zellar offers the Global Returns Portfolio as a complement or alternative to carbon offsetting.

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