ClientEarth: Holding Australia’s coal industry to account

August 2, 2023

In Australia, ClientEarth are part of a multi-group complaint against Glencore—one of the world’s largest coal companies—alleging that its net zero claims mislead investors and the public about how its coal production impacts the climate. Despite 90% of its emissions coming from coal, Glencore is not following a coal-specific net zero pathway—avoiding more significant emissions reductions.

As well as supporting legal claims in Australia, ClientEarth has written to the UK Financial Conduct Authority Enforcement division, urging the department to vigorously tackle greenwashing in corporate reporting for companies like Glencore listed on the London Stock Exchange.

If Glencore is found to have violated Australian consumer law, the company could face fines and penalties, as well as an injunction preventing them from making similar misleading claims in the future. It would also act as a clear warning to large corporations around the world that climate pledges must be backed up with real action.

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