FT Adviser: How to help clients align visions and values

April 6, 2024

FT Adviser has published an article outlining the ways in which financial advisers can integrate the values and desire for impact of their clients.

Anita Boniface writes that “Advisers, too, often consider the impact of their business on the locality around them, on colleagues and clients. But when it comes to the impact clients want to have, sometimes this is harder to grasp as part of a conversation.

“But it is important to take a considered, vision-orientated approach to working with clients, helping them to achieve the best outcome in line with their values and their vision for their family, themselves, and the wider world”.

Anita also interviewed several representatives from asset managers and charitable giving organisations including Global Returns Project’s own Jack Chellman who said “we know wealth advisers are a critical leverage point in unlocking significant funding for climate and biodiversity charities. To-date, however, climate philanthropy has played almost no role in financial planning”.

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