Press Release: Global Returns Project announces a UK-first partnership with investment platform Fundment

October 11, 2023

Global Returns Project announces a UK-first partnership with investment platform Fundment:

  • First UK investment platform to offer philanthropy as tool for advisers 
  • Focus on climate philanthropy as vital complement to sustainable investing
  • Integration allows advisers to donate directly to GRP’s selection of climate charities on behalf of clients, following their consent 

London, 10 October 2023 – The Global Returns Project (GRP), a UK-registered charity making it easy to donate to the world’s highest impact climate charities, today announces its partnership with investment platform provider Fundment: a first-of-its-kind collaboration in the UK.  

Through this partnership, Fundment, which is becoming an increasingly popular choice among UK advisers, will integrate GRP’s selection of best-in-class climate charities into their platform. This integration enables financial advisers to offer high-impact climate philanthropy as an option to sustainability-minded clients. Clients can now direct advisers to donate to GRP’s recommended charities directly through Fundment.  

Using a proprietary methodology, GRP’s Trustees work with a team of leading environmental scientists to select diverse and high-impact climate mitigation charities. GRP re-assesses charities every six-months and replaces organisations if it identifies charities performing even more strongly. GRP directs 100% of donations to a donor’s selected charities, with no deductions. All donors receive exclusive impact reports, every six months. 

Fundment CEO Ola Abdul, said: “We’re thrilled to collaborate with the Global Returns Project. By supporting a collection of climate-focused charities, GRP is providing a meaningful avenue for investor engagement. This partnership showcases the power of Fundment’s technology in enabling advisers to further personalise and deliver on their clients’ preferences, including philanthropy.  

“We love the way the GRP tracks the effectiveness and scalability of its selection of charities. It offers a level of transparency and evidence of tangible impact that means investors can actually see the difference their contribution makes. 

“Because it’s built right here at Fundment, our technology is in the perfect position to make this kind of philanthropic endeavour possible. We hope that this partnership will inspire other successful collaborations so more and more financial services companies offer clients the choice to make a positive impact.”

Jack Chellman, Chief Project Officer, Global Returns Project, said: “Partnering with Fundment is an important achievement for us which will enable financial advisers to incorporate climate philanthropy into financial planning in unprecedented ways.  

“Less than 2% of all philanthropic giving globally goes to climate mitigation efforts. This is a wasted opportunity: philanthropy can deliver fast and identifiable climate successes that really make a difference during this ‘Decisive Decade’. 

“With the Global Returns Project, financial advisers can make climate philanthropy normal and easy like never before. But until now, they had no option for offering climate philanthropy through the platforms on which they rely. Fundment’s leadership in partnering with GRP gives IFAs new access to best-in-class climate charities – organisations that deliver impact beyond the capacity of even the best ‘ESG’ or sustainable fund.” 

Anthony Bruchez, Director atLeading Edge Wealth Planning, adds : “Both Fundment and GRP are innovators and they are taking our efforts to provide accessible and differentiated solutions for our clients to the next level. By using Fundment’s tech-enabled platform, we can easily embed donations to GRP’s recommended climate charities into financial planning (following client approval), which deliver much-needed real-world positive impact for our planet.”  

This announcement is the latest in a series of partnerships with various financial institutions and trade bodies recently established, including Path Financial, Titan Asset Management, Big Picture Financial Planning, Pangea Impact Investments, Leading Edge Wealth Planning, Happy Planet Financial Planning, Gritstone Financial Planning, The Lost Coin Financial Planning, SK Wealth, Southam Financial Planning, ESG Accord, Octo Members, GrowthInvest, PIMFA and Overstory Finance.   

To-date, the Global Returns Project has raised more than £600,000 for its selected climate charities. Since April 2023 GRP has already exceeded the previous financial year’s total fundraising for its selected charities. 


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About the Global Returns Project  

The Global Returns Project is a UK registered charity (no. 1186683) making it easy to donate to the world’s highest impact climate charities.  GRP directs 100% of donations to its recommended climate charities, with no deductions. The Trustees and a number of charitable trusts, foundations and individual donors fund its operating costs. 

GRP’s donors receive detailed six-monthly impact reports, along with their advisers and participating fund managers. Advisers who partner with the Global Returns Project decide which of their clients to approach about GRP. Clients decide how much to donate – many donate a proportion of net wealth on a monthly or annual basis. Contributions by UK taxpayers may be eligible for Gift Aid and tax deductibility. 


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About Fundment 

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