Sustainable Future News: The first of a kind regenerative portfolio

October 12, 2022

An interview with Jack Chellman
from the Global Returns Project

Read the transcript of our interview with Sustainable Future News. Our Head of Strategy and Communications, Jack Chellman, sat down with James Hannay to talk about the Global Returns Portfolio’s relevance for businesses:

“When it comes to creating a sustainability strategy, organisations shouldn’t focus solely on quantitative actions, qualitative work is also essential to make systemic change. That’s the conclusion of The Global Returns Project and their innovative portfolio.

According to a recent report by non-profit Ecosystem Marketplace, the value of the voluntary carbon market (VCM) has quadrupled since 2020, reaching almost US$2bn in 2021.

While offsetting emissions is a powerful tool for businesses to account for their unavoidable emissions, offsets come with challenges, such as verifying the total reduction over time. Additionally, they’re unable to tackle climate related challenges that are not so easily quantifiable, such as the downstream impacts for sustainable litigation work.

This is where the Global Returns Project comes in, with its first of a kind regenerative finance portfolio.”

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