Titan Asset Management now partnering with the Global Returns Project

October 19, 2023

On March 20, 2023, Titan Asset Management announced its partnership with the Global Returns Project.

Read Titan Asset Management’s press release below:

New, impressive pathways are constantly being paved in the Sustainable Finance sector, and a goal of Titan Asset Management is to offer clients the most cutting-edge, effective ESG tools, analysis, and data. That’s why our most recent partnership is our next best step. The Global Returns Project is a UK-registered charity connecting investors with the world’s most impactful climate philanthropy, after becoming a partner in 2022 Titan Asset Management are pleased to be starting a new project together.

The Global Returns Project

So, who are the Global Returns Project, and what do they do? GRP curates the ‘Global Returns Portfolio’: the first selection of diverse, effective and scalable not-for-profit organisations tackling climate change. Their Technical Advisory Board, a panel of world-class climate scientists, oversees the Portfolio’s selection and assessment alongside GRP’s Trustees.

The organisation believe that the best climate philanthropy regenerates the planet beyond the capacity of even the best sustainable or impact investing. Climate charities can enforce environmental law, combat deforestation, defend ocean ecosystems and more. Organisations considered for the Global Returns Portfolio are assessed using GRP’s proprietary methodology. They must first pass a series of governance and sizing gates before being scored according to their impact, scalability, networks and co-benefits, admitting only the highest-scoring not-for-profit organisations into the Portfolio.

GRP directs 100% of any Portfolio donation to its not-for-profit constituents, with no deductions. The Trustees and a number of charitable trusts, foundations and individual donors fund GRP’s operating costs. Their current six constituent organisations are Ashden, ClientEarth, Global Canopy, Rainforest Trust UK, Trillion Trees and Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

The GRP now joins the UN’s Principles of Responsible Investment, UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, MSCI AA rating, and UN Global Compact as the drivers of the Titan Asset Management ESG policy. Implemented by our Sustainability Lead and Portfolio Manager, James Peel, this partnership now coincides with Titan Asset Management’s new MPS offering. The partnership allows us to give clients the opportunity to benefit from GRP’s portfolio, and by combining Titan Asset Management’s sustainability policy with other robust, heavyweight environmental entities, we ensure that the Firm’s ESG policy is truly holistic, broad, intersectional, integrated, and risk-adjusted.

The new ‘Titan Sustainable’ MPS

A new sustainable MPS has been curated by the Investment Team, led by, James. The offering is set to consist of six risk-progressive multi-asset class models, alongside other sleeves of the Titan MPS (Active, Passive, and Select). The Titan Sustainable MPS brings with it a unique sustainable investment policy and complimentary reporting collateral.

What does the policy do?

The purpose of the policy is simple. By separating our investable universe opportunities into two categories: those which represent a sustainable allocation of capital, and those which do not. The underlying allocations for this MPS are primarily active and index funds, although our universe also includes exchange-traded products, like ETFs. We rely on third-party data providers, including Morningstar (Sustainalytics), MSCI, and Util to assist us in our approach to sustainable investing. The unique element to implementing our policy into the MPS is that is can be made available as-is, or can be adjusted to accommodate for different client needs.

Going forward

Titan Asset Management are arranging to donate a portion of our management fee (5 bps) from the Titan Sustainable MPS to the Global Returns Project’s Portfolio. In addition to benefiting the Portfolio’s charities, the donation also helps resolve the potential disconnect between allocated capital and real-world impact. James has featured previously on an expert panel for the Global Returns Project.

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